bicycle-accident-attorneyBicyclists who are injured because of the carelessness of others often have serious injuries because bicycles do not provide the same level of protection as a car or a truck. These serious injuries often require extensive medical treatment and expense. This requires an attorney who is capable of explaining the complicated medical issues to a jury. Our law firm has years of experience in complicated medical cases like bicycle accidents. We would be honored to help your family any way that we can.

Licensed States

iowa bicycle accident attorney


There are two important questions to ask your Iowa bicycle accident attorney before you have them represent your bicycle accident case. First, do they meet all Iowa regulations required to act as your attorney in Iowa, and...

minnesota bicycle accident attorney


Your Minnesota bicycle accident attorney is familiar with local court systems, and customs. An experienced personal injury attorney knows the extra risks encountered by bicycle accident injuries, and can stand up for...



Your Nebraska bicycle accident attorney should be consulted immediately after you seek medical attention for any injuries. Do not talk with anyone else, or sign any papers until you consult with your personal injury...

north dakota bicycle accident attorney

North Dakota

When you consult with your North Dakota bicycle accident attorney, do it as soon as possible after the accident, and before you discuss any details with anyone else. Get injuries treated, and then call your...

south dakota bicycle accident attorney

South Dakota

A South Dakota bicycle accident attorney is familiar with local courts and customs, and is current on state laws regarding bicycle accidents. Your attorney should have ample experience in handling...

wisconsin bicycle accident attorney


A Wisconsin bicycle accident attorney can help you recover personal injury damages and losses, property losses, and additional claims following your bicycle accident. Even if you do not survive, the attorney will...

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JD began his legal career by representing defendants and insurance companies in lawsuits...
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Charla currently serves as a volunteer bankruptcy attorney through the Volunteer Lawyers Network...
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Vanessa’s background is in working with and for non-profit organizations...
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What our clients are saying:

What I really liked about JD was he didn’t “juicy” up the case, he was very honest from the get go. I had fired other attorneys who had not been up front with me.

JD kept me well informed and didn’t do anything without talking to me first. The settlement exceeded my expectations. And I appreciated that JD let me make the decision to settle the case or go to trial.

Jim B.

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